Crown Estate confirms leasing prospects in Celtic Sea

The Crown Estate has published detail on its plans for floating wind leasing in the Celtic Sea, confirming its ambition to unlock up to 4GW of new clean energy capacity in England and Wales and helping establish a new industrial sector for the UK.

Floventis Energy, a joint venture between Cierco and SBM Offshore, welcomes the announcement and looks forward to playing a key role in the development of the new capacity, in support of the UK’s net zero target. 

The Crown Estate’s phased approach towards development in The Celtic Sea, which recognises the importance of Test and Demonstration Leases, presents the best opportunity to stimulate significant new investment in jobs, skills, and infrastructure in the region and at a wider UK level.

Through this new process, offshore wind development in the Celtic Sea can positively balance the needs of communities onshore and the environment, through a coordinated and planned approach. It can also help to incentivize investment in grid infrastructure and ports. 

Scott Harper, Director of Floventis and CEO of Cierco said: “The announcement confirms yet another step in the process where sensible decisions and planning will pave the way for organized and effective development. The Celtic Sea zone presents a new opportunity in UK for offshore wind. It is therefore important that these planning steps assure that the pathway for delivery provides not just for achieving environmental targets, but also drives industrial and supply chain opportunities.”