Meet The Team

Mikael Jakobsson

Founder and Chairman

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Mikael founded Cierco Corporation in 2001. With 33 years’ experience in the wind sector, Mikael has held senior management roles with some of the biggest and most progressive names in the business including Wind World, BTM, Enron, EDF/Aircole and 2B Energy.

His first offshore turbine started turning in 1989 and since then he has built up an unrivalled knowledge of the wind energy sector, from development to deeper technology understanding as well as operational experience.

Scott Harper

Chief Executive Officer

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Scott has a background working with Scottish Enterprise (Scotland’s National Economic Development Agency). He has been in the front line of multiple projects and acquired a very broad knowledge of the renewable energy sector over the past 20 years. His skills include project development, managing technologies innovation, undertaking strategic project planning and developing key markets. Scott is widely respected across the industry for his outstanding ability to get things done.

Alex Gauntt

Supply Chain Director

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Alex is a technology and supply chain expert with more than 18 years’ experience in the offshore and onshore renewable energy sectors, with over a decade being spent focusing on offshore wind supply chains. Since 2005 Alex has been involved in the development, planning and construction of on and offshore wind projects across the world, with a focus on Europe and the UK.

He has worked as a project manager and project developer as well as representing industry leading tier 1 and tier 2 service and equipment suppliers in sales and business development functions. He brings an in-depth understanding of renewable and specifically offshore wind supply chains. Alex joined Cierco in 2021 to explore exciting new opportunities to unlock supply chain innovations and value for fixed and floating wind projects.

Anish John Paul

Sr. Structural Engineer

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Anish brings extensive technical engineering knowledge to Cierco, having a background in turbine/substructure modelling and tower/foundation designs. Anish has also developed independently certified new methodologies and models for the design of jacket structures.

Arne Nielsen

Senior Project Developer

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Arne is one of the 1970s Danish “Alternative Energy” pioneers. In the 1980s he designed that era’s commercial scale wind turbines, while joining the California wind boom followed by project development roles and as a self-employed wind engineer. Arne has worked with many wind energy companies and developers on numerous projects including, most recently, greenfield through execution-type wind projects in Iowa (q.2GW) focusing on interconnection, developability and wind resource. These development aspects are the focus of his role at Cierco.

Ben Davies

Project Developer

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Ben spent two years working with the Wales Coastal Monitoring Centre and the Channel Coastal Observatory carrying out research on coastal erosion and flooding in England and Wales before completing a stint at Marine Energy Wales where he undertook research focusing on floating offshore wind testing requirements in Wales. Having completed a Masters in Environmental Sustainability at The University of Edinburgh, Ben brings to Cierco an in-depth knowledge of current environmental issues and the complexities of energy use both in the UK and globally.

Brandon Harrison

Project Engineering Manager

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Brandon is a naval architect and marine engineer who has worked across several industries including floating offshore energy, shipbuilding, and floating offshore wind technology. Brandon brings his decade of experience in multidisciplinary engineering and project management spanning early phase concepts through delivery of floating hulls and ships to the Cierco team.

Cory Barringhaus

Development and Permitting Manager

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Cory brings 17 years’ experience working in California as an environmental analyst and project manager for a wide range of renewable energy projects. He has been engaged in the preparation of environmental and planning documents in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy Act for projects in the wind, port and marine sectors, as well as transmission work for the California Public Utilities Commission.

David Keenlyside

Engineering Director

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David is a Chartered Structural Engineer and brings some 30 years’ experience with unique offshore experience from decades of design, delivery and management of complex projects in a multi-discipline and multi-locational environment delivering cost-effective design solutions.

David has 10 years of engineering experience in offshore wind projects from concept through FEED, detailed design, manufacturing fabrication to installation and operation, lately with focus on the floating wind sector. As Director of Engineering, David leads a highly qualified and experienced team of multi-discipline engineers, his remit covers the entire project life cycle.

David Vallee

Supply Chain Manager

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With a Master’s in mechanical and coastal engineering, David has been operating in the marine renewable and offshore technologies industries in the field of products and activities development since 2005 in Europe, the US and South America. He has extensive experience in business development, mechanical and coastal engineering which has allowed him to gain considerable insight into a wide range of the technologies used offshore, alongside developing a large professional network across the globe.

Dominic Wood

Commercial Contract Manager

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Dominic is an experienced contracts manager with a broad range of experience in complex offshore projects. He has worked on a number of offshore windfarms in the UK, from concept design and FEED through to construction and installation. Dominic has a master’s degree in Maritime Law and combines this with his commercial understanding to develop and manage contracts for Cierco, using both industry standard forms and customised contracts.

Emilia Marciszewska

EPC(I) Engineering Manager

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Emilia is civil and structural engineer with 15 years’ experience in the offshore renewable and marine energy sector. During her career she managed FEED, detail design and all execution phases for fixed bottom offshore wind structures on key large-scale commercial projects in the UK. She has hands-on experience acquired from working on board installation vessels, fabrication yards and enhanced with O&M offshore inspections.

At Cierco Emilia is responsible for managing EPCI contractors for floating wind projects, focusing on technical feasibility and delivery, while overseeing complete project design verification by independent verification bodies.

Gemma Lee

Project Development Manager

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Gemma is an EIA specialist with experience managing the consenting process for a wide range of renewable energy schemes involving large, multi-disciplinary teams. She has worked on offshore and onshore projects throughout the UK from site selection through to EIA and application and on to post-consent compliance, which has given her a wider understanding of processes and topics in detail.

Jay Hilton-Miller

Senior Project Development Manager

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Jay has a track record of supporting offshore wind farm projects across the UK from early concept through to operational phases. Jay’s experience also includes work in tropical coral reefs and marine projects in California. Jay brings expertise in offshore wind farm consenting, offshore environmental constraints analyses, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA); Habitat Regulations Assessments (HRA); stakeholder engagement strategy, coordination and implementation, commercial fisheries liaison, post consent compliance and consenting risk identification and avoidance strategy for offshore renewables.

Jodie Ball

Engineering Project Manager

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Jodie is an aeronautical engineer who transferred her skills to the renewable energy industry in 2011 on the back of her passion for the environment. Since then, Jodie has developed PEM fuel cell systems, implemented onshore wind farms, and for the past two years focused on the development of offshore floating wind power. She brings experience in project management, DEVEX and CAPEX modelling and technical expertise on wind turbine generator and turbine supply agreement contract negotiations and construction activities.

Kay Sly

Executive Coordinator UK

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Kay is highly proficient in the field of administration, spending 17 years of her career in Financial Services. Her exceptional organisational skills mean that she is perfectly suited to coordinate the daily administration of our Directors and Senior Management team, bringing harmonious order to the corporate side of the business as well as ensuring our Financial, HR, and Recruitment processes run efficiently.

Marc Murray

Projects Director

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With a 20-year track record in managing complex multi-stage energy projects, Marc brings wide-ranging experience of project development in the nuclear, wave energy and offshore wind fields. Marc is responsible for the project development activities within the company.

Miriam Noonan

Commercial Manager

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Miriam is an accomplished analyst with eight years’ experience in the energy sector across oil and gas, wave and tidal and offshore wind. With an asset management background and in-depth knowledge of offshore renewables cost modelling, Miriam has a demonstrated track record of thought-leadership and authoring key reports during her time at ORE Catapult. Miriam is responsible for the development of high quality business cases for Cierco’s offshore wind projects.

Robert Collier

Director of External Relations

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Rob brings 30 years’ experience in clean energy research, political strategy and communications in the California and US renewable energy sector. As a consultant for climate policy think tanks, academic expert at University of California at Berkeley, and newspaper reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle, he dissected the interlocking webs of policy and politics that have shaped energy decision-making on government and enterprise levels. Rob is responsible for governmental relations, communications, and staff and workforce engagement for Cierco.

Selin Yildiz Nielsen

Executive Coordinator US

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Selin has a PhD from the University of California and has a unique understanding of corporate and governmental processes, having been responsible for organisations and projects throughout for many years. She brings an in-depth knowledge of corporate structures and has been directly involved coordinating federal and local grant programmes in various fields. Her expertise in managing organisations in multicultural settings is an asset to our multinational team at Cierco.

Soraya Smith

Project Administrator

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Soraya is an experienced administrator accomplished in bringing coordination and structure to projects. Her international work experience brings a diverse skillset to the Cierco team. Her superb organisational skills combined with an excellent ability to bring people together ensure our projects run seamlessly.

Tess Blazey

Director of Policy and External Relations

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Tess has more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of stakeholder relations, communications and events. Having delivered major international events on the world stage, she has for the last decade managed integrated consultation, communications, and public affairs programmes for nationally significant infrastructure projects.

An adaptive strategic thinker, she has considerable experience working with government, business leaders, academics, industry experts and the community when preparing programmes to ensure the long-term legacies of new industries benefit those who live in the region where they are hosted.

Will Cook-Clarke

Projects Technical Director

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Will has a mechanical engineering background working in diverse energy industries across North America and Europe, including floating offshore wind, hydrogen, and liquefied natural gas. He brings extensive experience in engineering design, fabrication, commissioning, and project management, and has most recently supported the design and deployment of 75MW capacity of floating offshore wind projects in Europe.